8th Oct, 2023

If you are reading this, you either stumbled upon my blog or I sent it to you as a response to your message. If you want the TLDR of this post, scroll to the end; otherwise, keep reading.

My problem with "Hi"

Hi, the most basic start to a conversation imaginable; variations of it include, but are not limited to, "How are you doing?" "Heyoooo," "Whatcha up to? :3" and much more. My basic rule for conversations with new people is that if you can't put the time and energy into starting a conversation, I'm not putting energy into a response; it's that simple.

"Hi" is best used when you're passing a friend in the street and want to quickly catch up with them, not when you're messaging someone for the first time because you thought their profile picture looked cool.

When messaging someone, make it clear what you want and why you want it from your small introduction. Not everyone has the energy or time to deal with "hi," and no one can read your mind!


Don't use "Hi" when messaging someone, especially for the first time. Ask what you want or need; be more specific. As a rule of thumb, if you message someone and the other person has to put energy into starting a conversation, you've failed.